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The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Summer


While you might not expect the summertime to be rife with plumbing issues, it definitely can be. Summertime can include many plumbing problems you may not be thinking about when you’re enjoying the best parts of the season. Here are the top issues you may face during the summer.

Hot Water Problems

During the summer, you might be entertaining more. Doing this puts an added strain on your water system, especially the water heater. Extra laundry, more showers with guests, and other uses all contribute to the need for extra hot water. Summer is the most common time for a water heater to go out. 

Tree Roots

Tree growth can accelerate during the summer, and while this is great for the trees, it can be bad for plumbing. Along with above-ground tree growth, you’ll also have root growth.

Knowing exactly what those tree roots look like underground may be tough, but you can guess that they’re probably growing quicker now than in other seasons. You may notice a smell, or other kinds of strain on your plumbing, such as backup during rain. This can mean you have a serious issue on your hands.

Maintenance and Repairs for Drain Disposals

Increased potential for cookouts may put more strain on your drain disposal system. With more fruits and vegetables on your summer cookout menu, more of those things will likely end up in your disposal. Foods like onion skins and potato peels should never be put down your drain disposal because they can damage the disposal blades and cause clogs in the pipes. Even fibrous vegetables may damage your disposal blades. 

If you’re finding yourself with any of these problems this summer, contact the experts at ClearWater Plumbers. We can help you solve any of these summer plumbing issues as well as any plumbing problems you may have all year long. 

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