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Why You Need a Plumbing Inspection Before Purchasing a Home


Purchasing a home is a major financial decision, especially in the current market. Before you sign the final paperwork on a home, you can have a home inspection done. Most buyers know not to skip this step, as it can prevent future misfortune if the home has issues. However, a general home inspection typically only checks if the drains empty, toilets flush, and taps work. It does not include a thorough plumbing inspection. A plumbing inspection should also be completed to better understand the condition of the entire home.

Water Heater

A hot water tank should work perfectly when purchasing a new home. Replacing a water heater can cost upwards of $1,000 and is not an expense you want immediately after purchasing a home. A plumbing inspection can ensure your hot water tank functions properly, while also identifying an older hot water tank that will need to be replaced soon. An older tank may result in a lower final purchase price.

Pipes You Don’t See

Plumbing in a home extends far past the pipes you can see, including underground pipes and irrigation systems. Without getting a plumbing inspection, you’ll only know the condition of the visible pipes. Costly repairs may be hidden in those pipes, and conditions will likely worsen over time. Any issues that can be identified and dealt with upfront can prevent frequent visits from a plumber later.

Plumbing Fixtures

Your plumber will identify any current issues with the fixtures and any problems that are likely to arise. Additionally, the existing fixtures in the home may not meet your preferences or needs. A plumbing inspection can advise you on the cost to replace or update the existing fixtures, and the benefits of doing so.

Find a professional plumber in your area who has experience with home inspections during the selling process. Ultimately, the expense is worth it compared to the costs you could be paying without the inspection. To learn more, contact us at ClearWater Plumbers today!

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