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Why Does My Water Heater Pilot Light Keep Going Out?


Your water heater has an important role to play in your home. It keeps your water hot and dependable when you need it for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Your water heater relies on a pilot light to keep it operating. If your pilot light keeps going out, this leaves you with an undependable hot water source. This can quickly become frustrating. If your pilot light keeps going out, learn what may be causing this issue.

Lack of Combustible Air

Your water heater requires air to keep the pilot light on. You’ll want to check the surrounding area and underneath your water heater for any clutter, lint, or debris that could be providing adequate airflow to your water heater system. This can be an easy fix that stops your pilot light issue from happening.

Problems With Thermocouple

Your thermocouple operates by sensing when your pilot light is burning. If the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple will shut off the gas supply to the water heater to ensure your safety. A thermocouple can start malfunctioning over time. They can also be affected by dust buildup or age in general.


Age can play a role in how well your water heater system operates. If your system is over ten years old, you may have to consider upgrading to a new water heater system. This will ensure that you no longer have to deal with a faulty pilot light that can be an indication of a larger issue.

Give Us a Call

If you are experiencing repeat problems with your pilot light, or you are unable to keep your pilot light lit, the professionals at Clearwater Plumbers can help. We can properly diagnose the issue, providing the repairs or replacement you need to have reliable hot water once again. Contact us today.

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