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Protect Your Family’s Health With A Water Filtration System


Using Proper Water Filters

The most obvious reason, water filters clear away all the foul smelling elements from drinking water, including chlorine and bacterial contaminants that create an unpleasant experience when trying to drink this type of water. By using proper water filters, you can definitely improve the overall experience someone has in drinking water in your home or facility.

In addition to the better tasting water, having a water filtration system can also present a means of detecting when your water is contaminated. While a water filtration system will clean away any contaminants, a sudden rise can impact the water filters which means that a regular check can detect if your water is being contaminated. This means that you can take action to protect your family all thanks to having a water filtration system.

Water Treatment Benefits

Lead Removal

Lead is a dangerous metal that when consumed over a long period of time can cause many terrible effects on the health. For those who are using well water or from sources that do not receive a complete cleansing, then having a water filtration system is paramount to removing dangerous lead particles. Especially for children, lead can have a very debilitating effect.

Lower Cost

Compared to purchasing bottled water, a water filtration system will pay for itself very quickly. This is because maintaining a water filtration system means cleaning and replacing the filters on a regular basis which is fairly inexpensive. With the cost of bottled water rising all the time, having a water filtration system can save you money.

Water Treatment For Health Reasons

Prevent Certain Causes of Cancer

Research has indicated that cancer-causing byproducts that enter the water system can be removed by a proper water filtration device. In fact, water filters can reduce the chances of contracting rectal, colon and bladder cancers by ridding the water of chlorine and byproducts of chlorine.

Retain Healthy Minerals

One lesser known aspect about drinking water is that the minerals contained can be good for the body depending on the amounts. A good water filtration system can selectively remove the dangerous contaminant while retaining the healthy mineral deposits and even establishing the right pH balance for the water as well.

Drinking water that has been properly filtered will facilitate improved health and well being for your family.  Without the harmful contaminants, your body responds better, is subject to less disease and infection and this leads to greater, overall health. Many weight loss programs and diets are based on having clean drinking water to help the body get into tip top shape.

So, the bottom line is that the water that comes into your home should be free of contaminants that can affect your family’s health and well being. Call your Fort Worth professional water filtration system installation company today and find out the many benefits of having filtered water for your home.

Where can I get more information about the water my family is drinking?

For more information, contact:

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Division of Toxicology and Human Health Sciences
Phone: 1-800-CDC-INFO · (817) 587-0080 (TTY)
Email: Contact CDC-INFO

ATSDR can also tell you the location of occupational and environmental health clinics. These clinics specialize in recognizing, evaluating, and treating illnesses resulting from exposure to hazardous substances.

Information line and technical assistance:
Phone: (817) 587-0080

To order toxicological profiles, contact:
National Technical Information Service 
Phone: (817) 587-0080 or (817) 587-0080

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