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Think Before It Goes Down Your Sink


Preventive drain maintenance

When you watch the cooking shows on television, you never see the segments where the plumber has to come and unclog the sinks because of all the grease, skins, seeds, stringy vegetable fibers and flatware or knives that have made their way down the drain.  One thing for sure for all of you gourmet cooks, and everyday home chefs, delicious dishes will clog your kitchen sink pronto.

You may not know it, but daily the Fort Worth plumbing and drain specialists take dozens of calls that require dispatching a Fort Worth plumber to unclog sink drains that, for the most part, could be prevented.

*These tips apply to commercial kitchens!

Plumber Pro Tip of the Week

Tip #1  Please don’t pour cooking oils, fats or grease down drains.  Pour them into a coffee can or let them cool down and dispose of the gelatous substance into the trash.

Tip #2  Avoid putting any stringy vegetable or fibrous starchy waste through the garbage disposal. (Potato peels, vegetable fibers, celery, fruit peels or chicken or turkey skin).

Tip #3  Always make sure that the water is running when turning on the garbage disposal.

Tip #4  If you have a large family wait 15-20 minutes between showers and encourage each family member to clear any hair from the shower drains before turning over the bathroom to the next person.

Tip #5  Keep some hand towels near the bathroom sink and encourage everyone to place them in the sink while grooming.  Many things get dropped down the drain from toothbrushes, makeup brushes and razors to cotton swabs and jewelry.

Tip #6  Never flush cotton balls, swabs or facial scrub pads down the toilet.  If you have teenagers, there are many products on the market today that they will use directly over the sink.  And girls should always be taught about feminine hygiene products.

WHAT THE PROS KNOW: Define and address plumbing problems on a regular basis with family members; remember your household plumbing’s limits, says the most referred Fort Worth plumber.  Chances are that your house already has a partially clogged drain or two but the problem is not altogether noticeable yet.  One cotton swab can get lodged in your pipe sideways and accumulate globs of toilet paper from every single flush that follows.  With a little family “plumbing talk” clogs are easier to prevent!

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