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Did You Know Your Washing Machine Is Part Of Your Plumbing System?


Every day you count on your plumbing system to support you through various tasks that need to get done. Whether it is brushing your teeth before bed or, watering the lawn your day would be severely interrupted if your plumbing system didn’t work.

During the summertime all parts of your plumbing system are important but, especially your washing machine. The volume of laundry and things to wash during the summertime seems to grow exponentially with all of the trips, camping adventures, and water play. So, it is important to keep your washing machine well-maintained. Here are some things that you can do:

  • If you have children or even an absent-minded spouse, you have probably seen all sorts of items in the washing machine after you’ve done a load of laundry. Whether it is a receipt or business card left in a pocket or the cuff of a pair of shorts filled with wood chips these things left in the washing machine tub will cause problems. After you have done a load of laundry, take a minute to clean out the tub and pick out all of the pieces and scraps of whatever has been forgotten. If these items are left in the tub, they could cause a serious clog or interruption in the operations of the machine.
  • During the summer time mold and mildew are especially a concern because the hot weather makes it easier for them to grow. The spores fly around in the air and when they find a wet surface to land on, they begin to multiply and grow. Not only does this cause a serious odor in your laundry area, but it will corrode the mechanisms of your machine. After you have washed a load of laundry, if you are not going to wash any more that day, leave the lid or door open to allow the unit to dry out.
  • On the back of your washing machine are hoses that connect it to the rest of your plumbing system. These hoses are responsible for bringing water from your plumbing system into the washing machine tub. It is essential for these hoses to be without cracks, kinks, or damage. Take a minute to inspect them periodically.

If your washing machine had a failure any time of the year it would be a problem but, especially during the summer months when you really count on it. Follow these tips to help maintain your machine and avoid any major breakdowns.

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