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Ways To Conserve Water This Summer


If you are concerned with saving water during the summer months, as most people are, then you know that the best way to do this is to be cautious about watering your lawn and landscaping. This means thinking about which time of day that you water, and being considerate about what types of plants that you have.

But, it also means keeping your sprinkler system in top working order by keeping it well-maintained during the summer months.

Here are some maintenance steps that you can take:

  • While you are outside mowing the lawn or, working in the yard check your sprinkler heads to make sure that none of them are damaged or broken. This can happen for a variety of reasons including the lawn mower running over one, the car being parked on one, or one being damaged with your children are playing outdoors. Whatever the cause, a broken sprinkler head will cause a significant amount of water to be lost, and therefore a significant amount of money to be lost.
  • The valve in your sprinkler system are made to keep the amount of water that moves through the system regulated. If a valve is broken then too much water will get pushed through the pipes and this can overwhelm the system and cause a flood. Make sure that all valves are working properly and are not damaged.
  • The soil that your grass and landscaping are planted in have a lot to do with how much water you are using. If the soil has a high level of clay, then it will not absorb water as easily as if it was a different kind of soil. Use a shovel and dig down at least 12 inches to see what kind of soil you are working with and make a watering scheduling accordingly. Plant the type of water and plants that do not need as much water so you are not fighting a losing battle.
  • Using the programmable time on your sprinkler system is recommended so that your yard is watered on a regular basis, and only for the amount of time that is specified. But, make sure that you check your sprinkler program and adjust it based on the weather and the time of year. I

Maintenance is the key to prevention. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your sprinkler system properly maintained and prevent major water bills this summer.

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