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Using Your Garbage Disposal This Holiday Season


During the holiday season kitchens across the Country get more use than any other time of the year. Cooking meals for friends and family is a favorite part of the holidays for many people. And, hosting overnight guests is a great way to spend time with people that you haven’t seen in a while.

With the extra work in the kitchen, your garbage disposal can be at risk for developing a clog. And, a clog in the kitchen is a quick way to bring all activities to a halt.

In many homes, the holiday season is when the kitchen gets the most use of the entire year. Many families eat smaller meals or eat out during the year and when the holidays roll around, the meals are prepared are much bigger and that means that the clean-up is greater.

With a great amount of clean-up comes more risk to your garbage disposal. This appliance is incredibly helpful to meal clean-up and preparation but, if it isn’t working properly the kitchen activities must stop as this usually means a clog in the kitchen sink.

Here are some easy things that you can do to keep your garbage disposal properly maintained so that it can keep up with the extra volume during the holidays:

  • Each time you put something into the garbage disposal and flip the switch, add a couple of drops of dish soap also. Keep the water running the entire time that the disposal is on. This helps to keep the disposal blades running smoothly without getting dull.
  • Use your disposal at least once each day. Regular use prevents rust from collecting on the blades and keeps any residue from accumulating on the parts and pieces.
  • When you are using the garbage disposal make sure that cold water is running into the drain. Cold water will help to solidify any grease or oil so that it then gets chopped up by the blades and runs down the drain.

Spending quality time during this time of year is important to do. Dealing with a plumbing issue just takes from that and, adds a whole new level of stress and chaos. Follow these tips for keeping your garbage disposal in top working order so that it keeps up with  your holiday pace.

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