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4 Plumbing Must-Dos Before You Leave on Vacation


If you have big summer vacation plans this year, the last thing you may want to think about is your plumbing. Yet prepping your plumbing for an empty home is just as important as making sure you have hotel reservations and a flight booked. Here are four things you can do to ensure the efficiency, safety, and operability of your plumbing while you’re away from home.

Clean Your Drains

Nobody likes coming home to a smelly home. Leaving your drains and garbage disposals as they are can trap moisture and create unpleasant odors. Before you leave, thoroughly clean your drains, traps, and garbage disposals. This can ensure a fresh smelling and sanitary home when you return.

Check for Leaks

Hire a professional plumber ( Our team at Clearwater happens to fit right into that category) to inspect your pipes for hidden leaks. Finding and repairing leaks can save gallons of wasted water and potential property damage while you’re gone – especially if you plan on an extended leave. A plumber can use special tools to detect even the smallest leaks, and conduct quick and efficient repairs.

Drain Your Pipes

Water sitting in your pipes can place undue pressure on your system, and even lead to a plumbing emergency or flood while you’re away. Prevent major damage by shutting off your water main while on vacation. With the water main off, turn on all faucets throughout your home. This will drain any standing water from the pipes. Disconnect outside garden hoses and drain your sprinkler system. Turn your faucets back off to prevent wasted water when you return and turn your water main back on.

Have a Friend or Neighbor Check on Your Home

It’s always a good idea to have someone you know and trust check on your home while you’re away – for plumbing issues and for general safety reasons. Have a neighbor check for issues such as flooding or poor drainage in your lawn, and keep a local Fort Worth emergency plumber’s phone number somewhere obvious just in case.

Remember, if you find yourself in need of some professional plumbing help, “Do what you Otter, Call CLEARWATER”

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