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3 Types Of Drain Snakes That Could Help You In A Jam


For most people, things like toilet plungers and plumbing tape are easily recognized. But, there are other plumbing tools that are just as easy to use, but much less common for homeowners to have.

This is very helpful when the clog is stuck in the pipe too tightly for a plunger to move it. Trying to pull the clog from out of the pipe isn’t really optimal, no one wants to see the clog. So, the drain snake is a good way to get a clog cleared out of your pipes by just pushing it through. Once it is in the sewer line, the pipes are larger in diameter, so it doesn’t have as much of a chance to get held up again.

Since most people have never heard of a drain snake, it is difficult to know where to find one and how to buy the best one. Here are a few tips that we recommend when you are shopping for a drain snake:

  • The first kind of drain snake that you might find helpful is a toilet auger. These are specifically designed for the crooked toilet drain, and will move through without scratching the porcelain. These are very versatile plumbing tools and should be kept by all homeowners. Toilet augers are inexpensive, so make sure not to bargain hunt for one. Purchase on that is somewhere between $30 to $50
  • Hand snakes are used for cleaning out small household drains that get clogged most frequently. This includes places like the kitchen drain, laundry room drain, bathtub, and sinks. Look for those that have a good length of cable (around 25’) and is right near the middle to high-end mark for price.
  • A power drain machine is a fairly large piece of equipment when compared with the other two items that we covered here today. For places like the washing machine line, where large amounts of debris can cause clogs, the power drain machine is a good tool to have. These come with a variety of settings and capabilities, and the more bells and whistles you purchase, the more expensive the machine will be.

One tool that is very helpful in clearing clogs from toilets and drains is the plumbing snake. Also known as a drain snake, this tool is hand-held and designed to push a clog through the pipe and out to the sewer line.

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